BISAC Subject Codes

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BISAC Subject Headings List

Want to find a code to categorize a book? The BISAC Subject Codes List* (or BISAC Subject Headings) is the US standard topical categorization used by companies throughout the supply chain. The Subject Heading applied to a book can determine where the work is shelved in a brick and mortar store or the genre(s) under which it can be searched for in an internal database.

How It Works 

There’s no fee to select and use BISAC codes to categorize a book. The complete BISAC Subject Headings List is freely available online for one-to-one look-up. Additionally, you don’t need permission to use BISAC codes. To find out how to choose the best subject code(s) for your book, check out our FAQ.

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Need to request an End Users’ License?

If you want to do more than browse, BISG members can acquire a licensed file download of the Subject Headings List in Excel, PDF and Word for unlimited use or for incorporation in your company's internal databases. This service is free for members. Non-members can also download the list with pricing based on your annual company revenue. These fees allow BISG to maintain the code standards.  

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Additional BISAC Resources

Everything you need to know about how to use, acquire and license BISAC codes. 

Appendix of Inactivated Codes
Find out which codes are no longer in use.  

Updates from 2022 Edition
See any additions, changes or deletions since the previous list.  

BISAC Merchandising Themes
Optional merchandising themes and topics that can be used in conjunction with BISAC codes.

BISAC Regional Themes
Optional regional themes that can be used in conjunction with BISAC or merchandising themes. 

BISAC Subject Code Events

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