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BISG has a superpower. It’s our committees. They’re organized around five core practice areas: metadata, rights, supply chain, subject codes (BISAC), and workflow. Each committee meets monthly to share information, discuss issues, identify potential solutions, and plan educational content in their areas. Committee volunteers are drawn from members and member organizations across the industry, all of whom are encouraged to contribute their perspectives in pursuit of effective solutions.

Within BISG, representatives of member businesses rely on our committee structure as a way to discuss and resolve pain points in the book publishing supply chain. The work of our committees is augmented by working groups that use a structured, collaborative approach to address emerging issues.

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Metadata Committee

Are you a standard bearer? The Metadata Committee is responsible for suggesting changes to the ONIX standard and its code lists, as well as overseeing its development and maintenance. This committee also acts as a forum for members to discuss current issues in ONIX and metadata in general, sharing ideas and solutions across a broad spectrum of companies, including data senders and recipients.

Additionally, the committee published, maintains and regularly updates the Best Practices for Product Metadata: Guide for North American Data Senders and Receivers.

Committee Chair:

Claire Holloway, Online Computer Library Center (OCLC)

About the Metadata Committee

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Rights Committee

Do you like to grow revenue, reduce costs and avoid errors? Accurately communicating rights information between parties can accomplish all three. Making rights information more accessible for both internal and external audiences also improves publishers' ability to financially benefit from their intellectual property. The Rights Committee is responsible for helping BISG develop, maintain and advocate for industry-wide best practices designed to support this standardized electronic transmission of a defined set of rights information between trading partners.

Committee Chair:

Kris Kliemann, Kliemann & Company

About the Rights Committee

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Subject Codes (BISAC) Committee

Is discoverability your jam? Almost ubiquitous in the North American book industry — including most major publishers, retailers and distributors — BISAC Subject headings set the standards for book coding. The Subject Codes Committee maintains the BISAC Subject Headings, Merchandising Themes and Regional Themes, while also providing guidance on the implementation and use of the lists by publishers, retailers and other parties.

Committee Chair:

Connie Harbison, Baker & Taylor

About the Subject Codes Committee

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Supply Chain Committee

Want to improve the communication of product data and specifications across the supply chain? Want to help increase the efficiency of book manufacturing and distribution processes? The Supply Chain Committee works to investigate issues and formulate new approaches or enhance existing approaches to identified supply-chain challenges.

Committee Chair:

Ken Brooks, Treadwell Media Group/Publishing Technology Partners

About the Supply Chain Committee

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Workflow Committee

If you’re interested in shaping how things are done, the Workflow Committee is for you. The primary objective of this committee is to create a standard definition of workflow for the industry, document best practices, and identify and create resources to improve existing approaches.

Committee Chair:

Krista Coulson, University of Chicago Press

About the Workflow Committee

Heashot of Pamela Malpas, BISG Member

BISG's Rights Committee offered me an opportunity to break through the silos that exist in publishing to share experience and expertise with every part of the rights business—including parts I'd never considered before. The rights committee is like a mini-book fair experience (minus the rights catalogue, and plus the convenience of participating from your own desk); there's so much to learn from other people in the business.

Pamela Malpas, Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency LLC

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