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About the Workflow Committee

The Workflow Committee is all about getting things done, as easy and efficiently as possible. We create a standard definition of workflow for the industry, documenting best practices, and identifying and creating resources to improve existing approaches.

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Committee Chair:

Krista Coulson, University of Chicago Press

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Committee Objectives

  • Promote what BISG means by workflow, within and across segments
  • Document best practices and identify the tools and resources required to improve existing approaches
  • With the metadata committee, strengthen documentation of the metadata supply chain, identifying weaknesses in the current approach

What we do

Our focus is on helping to close information gaps, fostering best practices and growing awareness around available tools and how they might be used to lower costs and improve time to market.


Headshot of Joshua Tallent, BISG Board Vice Chair and member of the Workflow Committee“Unlike other organizations that focus on specific segments or groups, BISG's focus on the complete supply chain makes it the perfect place to build relationships accross the entire publishing industry. That breadth of industry input also allows the conversations in committees to be more robust, and the resulting discussions, recommendations, and best practices are able to address a broader range of needs at the same time.”

Joshua Tallent, Director of Sales and Education, Firebrand Technologies
Vice Chair BISG Board, member of the Workflow Committee

When We Meet

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The 2nd Tuesday of every month at 11:00 a.m. ET.

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What We Produce

From workflow white papers to a grid and glossary of the tools and resources used to manage publishing workflows, we’re here to provide you with what you need to work better.

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Committee Working Groups

BISG committees at times take on specialized projects that require the formation of working groups. These are typically shorter-term or periodic efforts focused on a single topic or initiative. At this time, the Workflow Committee is not supporting any formal working groups.


Committee FAQ

BISG defines workflow as the combination or intersection of planning decisions around process (how things get done), technology (the tools we use to get things done), and the people and organizational structures who do the work. Making a change in any one area has implications for the other two factors.

BISG does not maintain a directory, as this information ages quickly and product descriptions can often be accessed directly on vendor sites. The Workflow Committee is developing a best-practice guide on choosing an appropriate workflow solution. This report will be published in 2023.

BISG has published and regularly updates publications that address font usage in ebooks, best practices in creating fixed-layout ebooks, and effective approaches to delivering accessible publications. In addition, the Workflow Committee has previously published "Fixing The Flux", a guide to creating and maintaining effective publishing workflows, most of which are digital until a decision is made to print or otherwise render a book.

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