Supply Chain Communication and Data Sharing: Demand Planning

A Supply Chain "Brown Bag" Lunch & Learn

Tuesday, February 7, 2023
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EST)
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Category: Supply Chain Lunch & Learn

This month’s Brown Bag Lunch & Learn on demand planning is the first in a three part sequence that will introduce strategies to help alleviate the impact of supply chain disruptions through better and more rigorous planning. By looking at historical demand and applying a few different scenarios and strategies, publishers can create a reasonable plan to prepare for the next step: inventory planning, which will be the topic of discussion in March. The sequence concludes in April with a discussion of supply planning. Each of these sessions will lead into the BISG Annual Meeting in late April where the topic will be: Transforming Supply Chain Communication. At the meeting there will be discussions on the changes needed across the data stack, tech stack, and communications protocols to improve the book industry.

Like all Brown Bag Lunches, this month’s session will begin with a short presentation, but the bulk of the hour will be devoted to your questions, and an open discussion forum.

The presentation will be led by Ken Brooks of Treadwell Media Group, and chair of the BISG Supply Chain Committee, and Gary Jones of River Rock Advisors. They will present some simple strategies that you can employ to get started with demand planning. Come with your questions and be prepared to engage with your fellow attendees.

To allow participants to speak -- and not just type questions -- these sessions are conducted in a Zoom meeting (rather than webinar) format. Please ensure that your microphone is muted unless you'd like to contribute.

Please note: Unlike most BISG programming, this session will not be recorded. We've made this decision in order for participants to feel comfortable speaking openly about issues of concern. BISG may share unattributed notes after the session.

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