Rights Royalty Statement Standards

Thursday, May 30, 2024
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT)
This webinar will be held via Zoom.
Category: Webinars
Rights Royalty Statement Standards: The Details Make the Difference

Sending and receiving royalty statements are key components of book industry supply chain communication. For those on the front lines of processing, sending, and receiving these statements, variations in how information is reported force an immense amount of scrutiny and follow-up to allocate revenues and accurately assess and analyze the financial success of any given publication. Rights and royalty professionals agree that an industry-wide accepted set of standards for royalty reporting would be helpful.

The BISG Rights Committee has tackled one aspect of this complex challenge. In 2023, BISG fielded a survey, the results of which reveal the case for creating royalty statement standards. In this webinar, Rights Committee Chair Kris Kleiman (Kliemann & Company) will discuss the findings of the Rights Committee with Sebastian Ritscher (Mohrbooks Literary Agency) and Paul Gore (FADEL) before proposing a set of standardized fields as a suggested industry standard. Discussion points will include how: 
  • Improving the process for statement ingestion and analysis can lead to increases in revenue in several ways
  • Less time spent on statements means more time spent on new deals and new markets
  • The ease of analysis results in tools that can improve current and future negotiations
  • At the most basic level, errors and inaccuracies can corrected in real time

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