Today's Global Shipping Market

A Supply Chain Lunch & Learn

Tuesday, February 6, 2024
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EST)
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Category: Supply Chain Lunch & Learn

Over the past year, container-freight traffic through the Panama Canal has been affected by drought conditions that slow transit and challenge the canal's ability to service larger vessels. More recently, shipping companies have started to avoid sending vessels through the Suez Canal, where international traffic has been targeted by armed militias based in Yemen.

As a result, global transit times are longer, and the ability to meet schedules for imported goods is again an issue for book publishers in the U.S. The situation has also affected prices for international container freight, with frequent updates the norm for both shippers and freight forwarders.

In this Lunch & Learn, Adrian Blackman of BISG member The Woodland Group, an international freight forwarder servicing a range of industries, including book publishing, will join his colleague Dan Williams to talk about what's happening now in the global shipping market, as well as what you can monitor for 2024. They’ll spend the first 20 minutes of the session providing updates on transit times, shipping costs, and what might affect these measures in 2024. After that, they’ll open the conversation up to comments, questions, and potential responses to the current global shipping challenges.

Have a question you'd like Adrian or Dan to address? Feel free to send it in advance to The Lunch & Learn will be highly interactive, so you'll have a chance to contribute at the session even if you don't send a question in advance. To allow participants to speak—and not just type questions—these sessions are conducted in a Zoom meeting (rather than webinar) format. Please take a moment to ensure that your microphone is muted until you'd like to contribute.

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