BISAC Subject Headings List

Use the information provided here to determine the specific codes that describe your book. An asterisk (*) denotes a new heading for the current year’s edition. Not sure how to select your code? Check out our FAQ.

If you can't find the code you're looking for after reviewing all the pages below, we recommend you use whatever codes currently best represent your book. If you want to propose a new code for future BISAC additions, you can submit a suggestion here.

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MAT000000   MATHEMATICS / General

MAT002000   MATHEMATICS / Algebra / General

MAT002010   MATHEMATICS / Algebra / Abstract

MAT002030   MATHEMATICS / Algebra / Elementary

MAT002040   MATHEMATICS / Algebra / Intermediate

MAT002050   MATHEMATICS / Algebra / Linear

MAT003000   MATHEMATICS / Applied

MAT004000   MATHEMATICS / Arithmetic

MAT005000   MATHEMATICS / Calculus

MAT036000   MATHEMATICS / Combinatorics

MAT040000   MATHEMATICS / Complex Analysis

                                    MATHEMATICS / Computer Mathematics see Discrete Mathematics

MAT006000   MATHEMATICS / Counting & Numeration

MAT007000   MATHEMATICS / Differential Equations / General

MAT007010   MATHEMATICS / Differential Equations / Ordinary

MAT007020   MATHEMATICS / Differential Equations / Partial

MAT008000   MATHEMATICS / Discrete Mathematics

MAT039000   MATHEMATICS / Essays

MAT009000   MATHEMATICS / Finite Mathematics

                                   MATHEMATICS / Fractions see Arithmetic

MAT037000   MATHEMATICS / Functional Analysis

MAT011000   MATHEMATICS / Game Theory

                                 MATHEMATICS / Games see Recreations & Games

MAT012000   MATHEMATICS / Geometry / General

MAT012010   MATHEMATICS / Geometry / Algebraic

MAT012020   MATHEMATICS / Geometry / Analytic

MAT012030   MATHEMATICS / Geometry / Differential

MAT012040   MATHEMATICS / Geometry / Non-Euclidean

MAT013000   MATHEMATICS / Graphic Methods

MAT014000   MATHEMATICS / Group Theory

MAT015000   MATHEMATICS / History & Philosophy

MAT016000   MATHEMATICS / Infinity

MAT017000   MATHEMATICS / Linear & Nonlinear Programming

MAT018000   MATHEMATICS / Logic

MAT034000   MATHEMATICS / Mathematical Analysis

MAT019000   MATHEMATICS / Matrices

MAT020000   MATHEMATICS / Measurement

MAT021000   MATHEMATICS / Number Systems

MAT022000   MATHEMATICS / Number Theory

MAT041000   MATHEMATICS / Numerical Analysis

MAT042000   MATHEMATICS / Optimization

MAT023000   MATHEMATICS / Pre-Calculus

MAT029000   MATHEMATICS / Probability & Statistics / General

MAT029010   MATHEMATICS / Probability & Statistics / Bayesian Analysis

MAT029020   MATHEMATICS / Probability & Statistics / Multivariate Analysis

MAT029030   MATHEMATICS / Probability & Statistics / Regression Analysis

MAT029040   MATHEMATICS / Probability & Statistics / Stochastic Processes

MAT029050   MATHEMATICS / Probability & Statistics / Time Series

MAT025000   MATHEMATICS / Recreations & Games

MAT026000   MATHEMATICS / Reference

MAT027000   MATHEMATICS / Research

MAT028000   MATHEMATICS / Set Theory

MAT043000   MATHEMATICS / Social & Cultural Aspects *

                                   MATHEMATICS / Statistics see headings under Probability & Statistics

MAT030000   MATHEMATICS / Study & Teaching

MAT038000   MATHEMATICS / Topology

MAT031000   MATHEMATICS / Transformations

MAT032000   MATHEMATICS / Trigonometry

MAT033000   MATHEMATICS / Vector Analysis

If your title does not have subject content, i.e. a blank book, please use the Non-Classifiable term below. Otherwise, use the Subject/General term in the closest descriptive area. NON000000 NON-CLASSIFIABLE

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