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Your Organization Can Impact the Industry and Your Employees

  • Seat at the table: Make your priorities part of the solutions adopted across the entire supply chain. Through participation in our committees, your staff can directly assist in developing, reviewing and refining standards to help solve significant industry challenges.
  • Staff investment: As a BISG member, everyone at your organization gets to create their own personal account with full access to our programming, webinars, research, guides, best practices and so much more. But one of the things we hear most often is the power to convene and connect with fellow industry professionals. This is where the magic happens.

Members Get Professional Development and Industry Input

  • Connect and convene: Individual members and organization members are encouraged to participate in our active committees (only for BISG members), joining professionals from across publishing to solve problems affecting the industry. Our committees develop standards and best practices; conduct cutting edge research; and present educational programming to help amplify important topics.
  • Learn and grow: Members get free or discounted access to our webinars and events. Topics reflect the needs of the industry and have included: transitioning to ONIX 3.0, best practices for modernizing rights & royalty systems, sustainability in publishing and optimizing supply chain communications.

  • Stay on top of industry changes: Members get free access to all of our research, guides, and standards, including the BISAC subjects codes list in a downloadable format for integration into database systems plus a map of BISAC to the most recent version of Thema. (Free access to the downloadable resource is only available to commercial business members.)


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Headshot of Andrew Savikas, Chief Strategy Officer, getAbstract, BISG Board Member“Our success as a company depends on a healthy and vibrant book industry and publishing ecosystem that supports a diverse range of voices from publishers of all sizes. BISG's work on standards, research, accessibility, and especially convening communities of practice through committees, is vital to serve that purpose.”

Andrew Savikas, Chief Strategy Officer
getAbstract, BISG Board Member

Member Criteria

Any organization doing business in book publishing can become a BISG member. Our membership is a diverse collection of commercial organizations, nonprofits and libraries, as well as consultants, entrepreneurs, individuals and associations.

Employees of member organizations get access to all member benefits. Not registered? Simply select the employee category that corresponds to your organization. 

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