BISAC Subject Headings List

Use the information provided here to determine the specific codes that describe your book. An asterisk (*) denotes a new heading for the current year’s edition. Not sure how to select your code? Check out our FAQ.

If you can't find the code you're looking for after reviewing all the pages below, we recommend you use whatever codes currently best represent your book. If you want to propose a new code for future BISAC additions, you can submit a suggestion here.

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PHI000000    PHILOSOPHY / General

PHI001000    PHILOSOPHY / Aesthetics

PHI047000    PHILOSOPHY / African

PHI028000    PHILOSOPHY / Buddhist

PHI026000    PHILOSOPHY / Criticism

PHI003000    PHILOSOPHY / Eastern

PHI048000    PHILOSOPHY / Environmental

PHI004000    PHILOSOPHY / Epistemology

PHI035000    PHILOSOPHY / Essays

PHI005000    PHILOSOPHY / Ethics & Moral Philosophy

                     PHILOSOPHY / Ethnophilosophy see headings under SOCIAL SCIENCE / Ethnic Studies

                     PHILOSOPHY / Feminism see SOCIAL SCIENCE / Feminism & Feminist Theory

PHI007000    PHILOSOPHY / Free Will & Determinism

PHI008000    PHILOSOPHY / Good & Evil

PHI036000    PHILOSOPHY / Hermeneutics

PHI033000    PHILOSOPHY / Hindu

PHI009000    PHILOSOPHY / History & Surveys / General

PHI002000    PHILOSOPHY / History & Surveys / Ancient & Classical

PHI012000    PHILOSOPHY / History & Surveys / Medieval

PHI037000    PHILOSOPHY / History & Surveys / Renaissance

PHI016000    PHILOSOPHY / History & Surveys / Modern

PHI050000    PHILOSOPHY / Indigenous *

PHI046000    PHILOSOPHY / Individual Philosophers

PHI038000    PHILOSOPHY / Language

PHI011000    PHILOSOPHY / Logic

PHI013000    PHILOSOPHY / Metaphysics

PHI014000    PHILOSOPHY / Methodology

PHI015000    PHILOSOPHY / Mind & Body

                      PHILOSOPHY / Moral Philosophy see Ethics & Moral Philosophy

PHI031000    PHILOSOPHY / Movements / General

PHI039000    PHILOSOPHY / Movements / Analytic

PHI040000    PHILOSOPHY / Movements / Critical Theory

PHI027000    PHILOSOPHY / Movements / Deconstruction

PHI041000    PHILOSOPHY / Movements / Empiricism

PHI006000    PHILOSOPHY / Movements / Existentialism

PHI010000    PHILOSOPHY / Movements / Humanism

PHI042000    PHILOSOPHY / Movements / Idealism

PHI018000    PHILOSOPHY / Movements / Phenomenology

PHI043000    PHILOSOPHY / Movements / Post-Structuralism

PHI020000    PHILOSOPHY / Movements / Pragmatism

PHI032000    PHILOSOPHY / Movements / Rationalism

PHI044000    PHILOSOPHY / Movements / Realism

PHI029000    PHILOSOPHY / Movements / Structuralism

PHI045000    PHILOSOPHY / Movements / Transcendentalism

PHI030000    PHILOSOPHY / Movements / Utilitarianism

                       PHILOSOPHY / Mysticism see BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Mysticism or RELIGION / Mysticism

PHI049000    PHILOSOPHY / Nature

                     PHILOSOPHY / Philosophy of Education see EDUCATION / Philosophy, Theory & Social Aspects

                     PHILOSOPHY / Philosophy of Language see Language

                    PHILOSOPHY / Philosophy of Religion see RELIGION / Philosophy 

                      PHILOSOPHY / Philosophy of Science see SCIENCE / Philosophy & Social Aspects

PHI019000    PHILOSOPHY / Political

PHI021000    PHILOSOPHY / Reference

PHI022000    PHILOSOPHY / Religious

PHI034000    PHILOSOPHY / Social

PHI023000    PHILOSOPHY / Taoist

                    PHILOSOPHY / Utopian see POLITICAL SCIENCE / Utopias

                    PHILOSOPHY / Western see specific headings in this section

                    PHILOSOPHY / Yoga see Hindu or HEALTH & FITNESS / Yoga

PHI025000    PHILOSOPHY / Zen

If your title does not have subject content, i.e. a blank book, please use the Non-Classifiable term below. Otherwise, use the Subject/General term in the closest descriptive area. NON000000 NON-CLASSIFIABLE

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