BISAC Subject Headings List

Use the information provided here to determine the specific codes that describe your book. An asterisk (*) denotes a new heading for the current year’s edition. Not sure how to select your code? Check out our FAQ.

If you can't find the code you're looking for after reviewing all the pages below, we recommend you use whatever codes currently best represent your book. If you want to propose a new code for future BISAC additions, you can submit a suggestion here.

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Use economic-oriented subjects in this section for works discussing economic policy.  For works discussing economics from a theoretical or historical viewpoint, use economic-oriented subjects in the BUSINESS & ECONOMICS section.

Multiple subjects in this and other sections may be used to describe a work fully: for example, a book about the 2020 U.S. presidential election could be assigned "POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Process / Campaigns & Elections" and "HISTORY / United States / 21st Century".

Use "POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Social Services & Welfare" for works dealing with government administration of social programs and use "SOCIAL SCIENCE / Social Work" for works of an instructional, theoretical, or historical nature.


POL040000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / American Government / General

POL040010   POLITICAL SCIENCE / American Government / Executive Branch

POL040030   POLITICAL SCIENCE / American Government / Judicial Branch

POL006000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / American Government / Legislative Branch

POL040040   POLITICAL SCIENCE / American Government / Local

POL030000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / American Government / National

POL020000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / American Government / State

POL039000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Censorship

POL003000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Civics & Citizenship

POL004000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Civil Rights

POL045000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Colonialism & Post-Colonialism

POL046000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Commentary & Opinion

POL009000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Comparative Politics

                     POLITICAL SCIENCE / Congress see American Government / Legislative Branch

POL022000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Constitutions

POL064000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Corruption & Misconduct


                     POLITICAL SCIENCE / Federal Government see American Government / National or headings under World

POL061000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Genocide & War Crimes

POL062000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Geopolitics

POL033000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Globalization

POL010000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / History & Theory

POL035010   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Human Rights

POL047000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Imperialism

POL074000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Indigenous / General *

POL074010   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Indigenous / Governance & Sovereignty *

POL074020   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Indigenous / Reconciliation *

POL074030   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Indigenous / Treaties & Agreements *

POL075000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island *

POL036000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Intelligence & Espionage

POL048000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Intergovernmental Organizations

POL011000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / International Relations / General

POL001000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / International Relations / Arms Control

POL011010   POLITICAL SCIENCE / International Relations / Diplomacy

POL011020   POLITICAL SCIENCE / International Relations / Trade & Tariffs

POL021000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / International Relations / Treaties

POL013000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Labor & Industrial Relations

POL014000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Law Enforcement

POL076000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Native American *

POL041000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations)


POL023000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Economy

POL035000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Freedom

POL042000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Ideologies / General

POL042010   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Ideologies / Anarchism

POL042060   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Ideologies / Capitalism

POL005000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Ideologies / Communism, Post-Communism & Socialism

POL042020   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Ideologies / Conservatism & Liberalism

POL007000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Ideologies / Democracy

POL042030   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Ideologies / Fascism & Totalitarianism

POL042050   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Ideologies / Libertarianism

POL031000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Ideologies / Nationalism & Patriotism

                     POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Ideologies / Racism see SOCIAL SCIENCE / Discrimination

POL042040   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Ideologies / Radicalism

POL016000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Process / General

POL008000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Process / Campaigns & Elections

POL065000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Process / Media & Internet

POL043000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Process / Political Advocacy

POL015000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Process / Political Parties

                     POLITICAL SCIENCE / Practical Politics see headings under Political Process

POL066000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Privacy & Surveillance (see also SOCIAL SCIENCE / Privacy & Surveillance)

POL049000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Propaganda

POL017000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Affairs & Administration

POL071000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Opinion Polling

POL028000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / General

POL067000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Agriculture & Food Policy (see also SOCIAL SCIENCE / Agriculture & Food)

POL002000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / City Planning & Urban Development

                     POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Commercial Policy see BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Commercial Policy

POL050000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Communication Policy

POL038000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Cultural Policy

POL024000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Economic Policy

                     POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Education see headings under EDUCATION / Educational Policy & Reform

POL068000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Energy Policy

POL044000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Environmental Policy

POL077000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Gun & Firearm Policy *

POL073000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Health Care

POL070000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Immigration

POL069000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Military Policy

POL026000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Regional Planning

POL063000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Science & Technology Policy

POL029000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Social Policy

POL027000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Social Security

POL019000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Social Services & Welfare

POL018000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Reference

POL072000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Religion, Politics & State

POL012000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Security (National & International)

                    POLITICAL SCIENCE / State & Local Government see American Government / Local or American Government / State

POL037000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Terrorism


POL052000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / Women in Politics

POL040020   POLITICAL SCIENCE / World / General

POL053000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / World / African

POL054000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / World / Asian

POL055000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / World / Australian & Oceanian

POL056000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / World / Canadian

POL057000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / World / Caribbean & Latin American

POL058000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / World / European

POL059000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / World / Middle Eastern

POL060000   POLITICAL SCIENCE / World / Russian & Soviet

If your title does not have subject content, i.e. a blank book, please use the Non-Classifiable term below. Otherwise, use the Subject/General term in the closest descriptive area. NON000000 NON-CLASSIFIABLE

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