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BISG Guide to Accessible Publishing & Cheat Sheets

BISG Guide to Accessible Publishing & Cheat Sheets

Download a file containing the live link to the all-new and updated BISG Guide to Accessible Publishing. This document includes the all-new "Cheat Sheet" text. This Guide is offered as a Google Document that opens with the Document Outline on the left. The outline helps you navigate this resource. If the Document Outline doesn't show, go to the View tab at the top of the page and check "Show document outline." This gives you direct access to every section and subsection in the Guide. Finally, be sure to bookmark the Guide so you can easily refer to it from time to time.

Your email confirmation will provide a link to download a file of the accessible EPUB of the original 2019 Guide. Its content is identical to the content of the initial online Google Doc published in March, 2019. It has been created by DAISY to be fully accessible--and to provide a model of just what the Guide is guiding you to do. Just click on the file when it downloads and then click on "Extract" to get the EPUB.

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