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Field Guide to Fixed Layout for Ebooks

Field Guide to Fixed Layout for Ebooks

Updated for 2023!

In the fast moving world of digital content, one hot-button issue is the creation of static, fixed ebook "pages" called fixed layout. The popularity of fixed-layout ebooks is growing, but many people are still unsure why and when fixed layout is a good idea. To make matters worse, there is no single standard for creating fixed-layout products and information on creating them is rapidly changing and sometimes hard to find. To help address these challenges, BISG, through its Workflow Committee, created the Field Guide to Fixed Layout for Ebooks. It's a practical guide to the ins and outs of creating fixed layout ebooks from industry experts, featuring information on when to use fixed layout (and when not to), accessibility issues, interactivity, retailer standards, and authoring tools.

Topics include:

  • Digital formats for fixed layout
  • When to use fixed layout
  • Creating a fixed-layout ebook
  • Fixed layout in EPUB
  • Accessibility
  • Syncing text and audio in fixed layout
  • Interactivity and Javascript
  • Authoring tools
  • Retailer standards
  • EPUB fixed-layout lessons, including cross-platform EPUB Fixed Layout content, specific EPUB Fixed Layout issues commonly encountered on different reading systems and specific steps to fix them.

BISG intends the Field Guide to Fixed Layout for Ebooks to be a living, evolving document and as such, plans to update the guide frequently. We welcome industry participation. If you know of recent developments, or have suggestions for other topics to cover within the document, please let us know. 

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