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From Experimentation to Innovation in the Digital Age

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From Experimentation to Innovation in the Digital Age

Old practices, processes and business models are rapidly giving way to the demands of digital publishing. Publishers now find themselves faced with unfamiliar issues such as selecting e-book formats, using digital marketing and new-model P&Ls. The role of experimentation and innovation in today's publishing industry is, therefore, increasingly crucial as publishers find themselves no longer able to rely on the tried and true models used for print-only products.

The Book Industry Study Group, in conjunction with The Idea Logical Company, conducted a survey of leading companies from all parts of the North American book industry, asking for attitudes towards and examples of experimentation in the book industry. Through 10 original case studies, From Experimentation to Innovation in the Digital Age describes how leading publishers like Hachette Book Group, Random House and Harlequin are creating innovative responses to the challenges posed by the digital world. Also presented is an overview of the findings from the survey and qualitative analysis of the survey results.

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