BISG Launches a "Rights FAQ"

Posted By: Brian F. O'Leary Committees,

As part of a two-hour rights program held on September 29, BISG announced the launch of a four-part online resource, a "rights FAQ", short for "frequently asked questions". The new FAQ builds on the format and style first developed by BISG's subject codes committee to answer questions about purpose and use of the BISAC code list.

The rights FAQ was developed by members of the rights committee, which this year has formed several working groups that meet periodically to develop information and solve problems related to book publishing rights. The FAQ provides a basic overview of rights, with a focus on rights professionals and others in the book publishing industry with an interest in rights.

Providing answers to commonly asked questions, the four sections include The Language of Rights; Acquiring Rights ("Rights In"); Selling Rights ("Rights Out"); and Rights Best Practices. The sections can be accessed individually from the top of the FAQ, which is featured on the Rights Committee information page.

The questions in the list were developed by the working group and other members of the rights committee, with answers provided through research, discussion, and with input from members of the committee. In some cases, there are questions that are "works in process", with answers still to come. As well, the rights committee considers the current FAQ an evolving document, with answers that will be updated when warranted, and with questions that reflect what the broader community is asking.

The September 29 program, addressing "The Evolving Landscape for Rights Tools and Models," also included conversations with key staff at Sebes & Bisseling Literary Agency, International Literary Properties, Wattpad WEBTOON Studios, and Market Partners International. Moderated by BISG rights committee Kris Kliemann, the conversation included Pamela Malpas (Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency), a board member with the Association of American Literary Agents (AALA) and also a member of the rights committee and a contributor to its working group efforts.

A recording of the two-hour program has been posted. Any BISG member interested in the work of the rights committee and its working groups is invited to join an upcoming meeting. The committee and working groups meet regularly on the second Thursday of each month at 11 a.m. ET. To be added to the distribution list for the committee, contact BISG at