BISG releases survey on royalty statements and workflow

Posted By: Brian F. O'Leary Committees,

BISG's Rights Committee, one of the organization's five standing committees, has released a survey to assess publisher pain points with respect to royalty statements and attendant workflows. The survey builds on work the committee and one of its working groups has been doing to improve transparency and completeness of royalty statements received and processed by U.S. publishers.

There's little doubt that tracking subsidiary rights royalties could be easier. The rights committee has been working to show the industry how standards for royalty statements can help get us there. To quantify the benefit of improvements, the committee designed this survey to gather rights professionals' experiences with management and payment of sub rights royalties.

Designed to take less than 10 minutes to complete, the survey is best completed by those directly involved in managing and reconciling rights transactions. Industry feedback is important. If you're reading this but not directly involved in managing rights, we ask that you forward it to a colleague whose perspectives can help shape what we do next in promoting standards for royalty statements. Whatever your role, we thank you in advance for helping us quantify the benefit of improved workflows for rights transactions.