BISG assesses fall production plans

Posted By: Brian F. O'Leary Committees,

Ahead of the fall season, BISG's Supply Chain committee has prepared a Book Publishing Forecasting Survey to gather information on publishers' plans for domestic, near-shore, and offshore sourcing of print capacity. The five-question survey is open now, with a target close date of August 18. Results will be published just ahead of Labor Day weekend.

The survey is designed to be simple and easy to complete. Core questions gather information about total production volume, planned sourcing from domestic and near-shore (Canada, Mexico) vendors, and contingency plans for handling changes in demand or disruptions in planned supply for printed books. Publishers throughout the United States are encouraged to respond. Estimated response time is (literally!) one minute.

For much of the past 18 months, the Supply Chain committee has led explorations of the challenges and opportunities in forecasting demand, inventory, and supply for books. Several brown-bag lunch sessions have been dedicated to forecasting as a topic, and the committee continues to explore what can be done to improve industry practice. The results of this latest survey may inform future discussions within committee or in an upcoming brown-bag lunch session.

More information about BISG committee work is available on the BISG website, where each committee has a page outlining its work, products published as a result of committee efforts, and future plans (here's one example: the supply chain committee charter). If you are working for a company that is a BISG member, and you'd like to join one or more of our committees, click on the "Join this committee" link on the relevant committee page, and you'll be added to the list for upcoming meetings.