Meet BISG's Committee Chairs

Posted By: Brian F. O'Leary Committees,

March is Women’s History Month—a time to intentionally educate ourselves and each other about the impact of women on our world. It also provides an opportunity to learn about some of the women shaping and improving the book publishing industry today. 

For the first time, all five BISG standing committees are chaired by women. This past week Publishers Weekly, known for its book publishing and bookselling news, ran a series of interviews conducted by industry consultant and BISG strategic advisor Julie Blattberg. In doing so, PW is shining a spotlight on these exceptional colleagues who volunteer their time and expertise to improve the way we produce, market, and sell books. 

The chairs of the Metadata, Rights, Subject Codes, Supply Chain, and Workflow Committees are among the unsung heroes of book publishing, solving problems and creating greater efficiencies for everyone. In the paragraphs that follow, we've pulled together the five interviews with links to Publishers Weekly's coverage. 

Rebecca Burgoyne is Supply Chain Committee Chair and Executive Director of Operations, the United Methodist Publishing House. Read the interview.

Rachel Comerford is Workflow Committee Chair and Senior Director of Content Standards & Accessibility, Macmillan Learning. Read the interview.

Connie Harbison is Subject Codes Committee Chair and Director of Authority Control, Baker & Taylor. Read the interview.

Claire Holloway is Metadata Committee Chair and Director of Data Management and eBook Services, Baker & Taylor Publisher Services. Read the interview.

Kris Kliemann is Rights Committee Chair and President of Kliemann & Company. Read the interview.

Our thanks go to Julie Blattberg for her work on these interviews, as well as Jim Milliot and the editorial team at Publishers Weekly for their support in celebrating the work of our committee chairs.