BISG Announces Supply Chain “Brown Bag” Lunch Series

Posted By: Brian F. O'Leary Committees,

On Wednesday December 8, 2021 at 12 p.m. ET the BISG Supply Chain Committee will kick off an ongoing series that combines a focused presentation with open discussions of issues impacting the supply chain. In the proven model of "brown bag" lunch-and-learn sessions, the conversations will begin with a short (20 minute) presentation on a specific topic. An open discussion forum will follow, during which participants will be invited to share their reactions to the discussion topic or alternatively raise any other topic of concern.

The inaugural session will feature Matt Kennell of Versa Press, who will present ideas for improving the working relationship between printers and publishers. Inspired by the current constraints on manufacturing capacity, Matt’s presentation will offer ideas related to transparency and consistency -- including scheduling, spec adherence and other factors -- and e-business, including use of XBITs and ways to improve transportability of files.

This series was conceived during recent meetings of BISG’s Supply Chain Committee. Throughout 2021 the committee has discussed book business challenges and opportunities, from printing and shipping constraints to increased sales of backlist titles, the need for better supply chain data, the benefits of transparency in an evolving book industry, and more.

Participation in BISG committees is typically limited to employees of member companies, but committee members recognized that many others could benefit from the kind of discussion that emerged during the meeting. To make that happen, these “brown bag lunch” sessions will be open to all at no cost. By amplifying and discussing pressing issues within the supply chain, BISG will continue to benefit the entire publishing industry.

Register for and join this session with any questions you may have for Matt Kennell related to printing, but feel free to raise any other topic of concern. If you have any suggestions for a supply-chain related topic that can be covered in a focused presentation and inspire discussion, please contact BISG at We look forward to seeing and hearing from you at these discussions!